One tent, One man, his camera and Scotland


June 19th 2012, mountain biking @ Peebles the first edit!

I woke up early as of last nights time I went to bed. I got told about a mountain biking place just down the road from Peebles. Glentress forest. I found out from the locals a few nights before that I could rent a bike and try out the runs that they had. So I set off from camp after having breakfast and a wash. It wasn’t hard to find only 10 minutes drive from where I was! I was nervous at first and hesitated about doing it but after convincing myself I went and asked for a bike. I went back up to my car after renting my bike to get things I thought I might need. Mountain biking gloves, check, well that’s it really, the only mountain biking things I had with me! Well the only thing I have for the sport as this is the first time I’ve done this sort of thing apart from back at home where it was a little ramp I used to go off! so ready to go I chose a route that I wanted to go on. The routes are colour coded, green= amateur, blue= novice, red= advanced, black=extreme and orange for freeride ( so a mixture for all experiences). I chose the red route, I had to think how long it would take and when I had to hand the bike back in.
So I set off and even on the first hill I found it hard! Riding through the trees and trying to make sure I was going the right way. Half an hour later I finally made it to the top after resting a couple of times but they where needed. I rested again a d looked what I had to go down! Other people where going for it jumps, drops, left and right turns, it looked amazing but I had to prepare myself for this so I took my time before setting off and I let others faster and more capable before me ( still remembering I hurt my hand from falling down (slipping) the mountain).
So I set off adrenalin flowing and my legs pedalling away and I was flying down the course, down the drops, over the jumps and around the bends. Some jumps there where gaps about 3-7feet between take off and landing. I nearly came off one but landed all! I was loving it! I finished this part of the track and rested before the next descend down.
So I set off for the second descend ( they all do have names but I can’t remember them!). More turns and jumps but not as good as the first. I finished the descend and realised that there was something wrong with one of the tyres but couldn’t pin point it, so I carried on. Third descend and half way down it was obvious a flat back tyre. I had to walk down the rest of the track making sure there where no bikers flying past me. I made it down to that point in one piece, only thing I could do now was to walk all the way back to where I rented the bike and ask them for a new tyre. Half an hour later I made it back to the hire shop, they replaced the tyre with a small charge of £2. I pedalled back up to the end of descent 3 and started where I finished. I carried on my mountain biking down the next few descends until the red route mixed with the black route. I knew this would test me! So I have myself some time to prepare my self and then went for it! Going through the trees and going off the jumps and going round the bends at speed, it was amazing. Feeling the different textures of the ground as you rolled over it, at some points wooden smooth planks with the gap in-between, through some thick mud or just cruising over the dried mud, leaves and twigs. But what came next was THE BITCH! ( one of the descend names I did remember can’t think why). It was like the others but harder, steeper, jumps bigger and well just a bitch! I finished this and just wanted to do it again but in the end I didn’t. There where only two more descends after this and back to the bike shop. I took my time on these two and enjoyed the ride. While enjoying the last two I noticed they where building a brand new GO APE site. Was looking to be pretty good so in time I will have to go back and do that one! So the bike ride was over, at least I didn’t get another flat tyre during the ride. I will have to do it again some day, I really did enjoy the ride.

I wrote this when I was writing my blog on my phone and the other day I decided to write it on my mac and as I was writing I was thinking I’ve written this before! Couldn’t find the draft on my mac but was saved locally on my phone (note this is a new phone as I broke the last one)!


19th June 2012

Because of the Day and Night of chilling I set my targets on the mountain biking which I found out I could rent and ride a bike but first I needed food. After my shower I got breakfast then headed to Glentross. I got there, looked at the maps and chose the route I wanted to going on. I went in to the rent shop and rented out a bike.
The routes were all colour coded and I chose the red route which happens to be the second hardest. I’ve done some mountain biking but not at this level before (I’ve rode down a few hills, steps and jumps but never actually done a course). So I set off on my adventure up into the Glentross Forest, it was hard ( not even a decent way up) but I kept going huffing and puffing but at one point decided to stop and take a panoramic picture.

All the descents are named but I cant remember them.

It took me a while to finally get to the top and when I did I took a rest and let others go before me to see what I had in treat for me on the first decent. Wow I was Watching these two lads going off the first jumps and round the bends at speed, this was too high skilled for me but me been me I like a challenge. I gave it will everybody had gone and attempted the jumps and bends.  Amazing!! Dropped down peddled as hard as I could into the first jump, up and off I went, I flew landed (didn’t Bail) and turned the bend peddling hard again to the next jump. Again I flew off the jump with more speed than before and landed perfectly but the next jump i wasn’t ready for, I still went off at speed and height but as I hit the ground one of my feet slipped off the pedal and dragged along the floor. I corrected myself while still on the track and then carried on. The first descent was in an open area and at the end started to get woody. I finished the first descent with a big buzz. There is more than 3 jumps and bends, I won’t bore you with the others on descent one they where pretty safe sailing after my foot slipped.

After my little rest I found the start to descent number 2. Everything was closing in on this descent trees closer and a thinner track, I still raced through (thinking I was the Boss). I didn’t hit a tree or go off the track, I made it down in one piece but there were a couple of close shaves. I did think some thing was wrong as I got down to the end of the descent tho, once finished the descent I found the entrance to descent 3 but before I headed down I let two lads go first seeing they where more experienced. Before setting off I checked my tyres, the back tyre seemed to be going down! I set off down the descent and half way down the back tyre was flat, totally flat. I got off the bike about half way through the descent and walked the rest. Once I made it to the end of the descent I had a look to see if there was a thorn or a twig stuck in the tyre but i couldn’t see anything. So what I had to do was Walk with the bike down to the rent shop and get it fixed. This took 20 mins to get back to the shop, 5 mins to fix the tyre. Once it was fixed I raced back up to the last descent I finished and at that point I was tired again so rested before tackling descent number 4.

The other descents were just as good and some better, Near the end I did switch over on to the Black route (the hardest) to tackle one descent called THE BITCH. The whole descents and climbs were amazing and hopefully one day I’ll return to complete the Black route.





The routes and colour codes.




After the ride I handed the bike back, got back to the car and headed back to the campsite. As I was driving I realized I was covered in mud from head to toe. Once I got back and had a shower what was there to do? Pub it was went to the local in Peebles and watched the footy. A guy asked to sit next to me and his partner sat on the next table (not interested in the footy) we soon got talking and we both asked what we were both doing up in Scotland. There plan was tougher than mine I drove around Scotland with my tent, they where walking up to John O’Groats. Thats a long walk. after our talk and footy they left and I had my beer (last one) then headed back to the campsite myself.

I got ready for bed read my book and was out for the count.

June 18th

I woke up next morning well bad head or really hot tent couldn’t decide! I went with both, luckily I had some water with me because of this. The tent was boiling and I couldn’t stand it so once I was up I was up and straight in the shower to freshen up. Once freshened up I walked back in to Peebles and bought a present for a friend and walked around the river, also took time to chill out and rest while enjoying my time in this little town. It was a sunny day, hardly any clouds. After my long sit down my head was clear and I went to the first pub I visited the night before. I decided on getting food there and not back at the tent. So I treat myself to a chicken burger and a pint of strongbow! After finishing the burger and the pint, I thought to myself ” could have a couple more then go back to the tent” and that’s what I did. I only had two more then made my way back trying to figure out which way I walked home the night before! No idea! I got back to the tent and read my book and fell asleep early.
Was a nice day to do nothing!

I know, I know….

I know I need to finish the blog of the last couple of days in Scotland but I have not had chance to yet, Ive been meeting people while I’ve been back and looking for a job. Next week I will finish off my blog if I can remember what I did!! Its fixed in my head what I did.

Again its not much but thanks for reading.

June 16th and 17th

I woke up feeling fine and packed up my stuff I decided to go to Edinburgh and look for a campsite on the out skirts. So I headed into Edinburgh but had no idea where I was going, I just followed street signs to the city centre and also treated myself on the way, I got a McDonalds. It was needed. I then drove on to find a car park near the mile road but not knowing this! I walked along the cobbled street up towards the castle, looking at shops on the way. I didn’t realise that I was walking upto the castle but I was going with the crowd. I finally got to the castle gates walked through and looked at the cue for entrance to the castle. £16 to look around and looking at the amount of people I gave it a miss. It was good enough for me to be in the castle grounds and been able to have a wee look around.
I walked out of the grounds and back down to the mile road. I’ve been to Edinburgh as a kid but I couldn’t remember anywhere that I had been the only place I could was Princes street and that was faint. I wondered around for hours looking in and out of shops. Most of the shops sold the same stuff (shit, it was all the same some good some bad), others sold whiskey and others sold kilts ( well they all sold kilts in one way or another). I looked around for a good 3-4 hours then decided on looking for a place to stay. At this time my mum had rung and said she would find me a place to stay and book me in there but not at a campsite but a cheap guest house. She ring back some 20 minutes later and told me where it was and I found it on google maps then drove there. Parking outside the guest house was free and it was very close to Princes street. I went in to the guest house and was shown to my room. I had a shower and while I got ready watched a movie on my MacBook. Once ready I walked down to Rose street to look for somewhere to eat, I check to see first if there was pub where I could get a discount and yes there was just on that street. It was the sister pub to Ben Nevis pub in Fort William and the same menu. I went for the pie and chips. I also had a pudding, chocolate fudge cake. I was stuffed. I got myself another pint, paid up and drank my pint in the bar area. Once finished I made my way back to the guest house to watch the rest of my movie and have an early night so I could get up early for breakfast and then look for gifts around Edinburgh. I was up early had the full breakfast. I packed my stuff and handed in my key to check out. I left the car where it was as it was free parking and walked a different way into Edinburgh to see if there was any different shops. Again I found the same stuff, nothing out of the blue. I still walked around for a far few hours tho. I also had a walk round the scotland national museum, which was enlightening.
I got back to the car and drove to a place that I wanted to go. It’s a place called Currie and it’s an Suburb of Edinburgh. The reason I wanted to go here is because my surname is Currie. There wasn’t much there to look at but I got a picture of the sign post and I headed off.
I then looked for a campsite on my iPhone and found one at a place called Peebles. I drove there and got there when reception was shut but just as I was about to knock on the door of the house, a gent came out and said pay in the morning told me where to set up and gave me a key for the barrier. I set up camp and then went for a walk around to see what it was like. It was a mile into town centre. I went into one of the pubs and watched the footy (well second half) and once that finished I still fancied a drink. I had one more put on my coat and was just about to leave and the girls in the booth next to me asked if I wanted to join them and have a sambuca. I went for it, what the hell. They was buying each other sambucas and they bought me a pint! Ok. I got talking to one and said what I was doing and said what I want to do, she laughed. These drinks were finished and they said “we are off to another bar you coming?” I agreed and had one in there and we moved on to another pub. Met the landlady in the last pub and net a few other locals. I had another pint given to me, I drank that and said I’m off and by this time it was closing time anyway. I was drunk and can’t really remember the walk back to the tent but I got back there and fell asleep I guess in seconds.

June 15th

Now I have to think what I did as I can not remember what I did but once I start writing I’m sure it will come back to me!

The start of the day,
I had woken up late just wanting to rest and see as the weather wasn’t to good I decided to do my washing, once it was all done and dry, I headed out just for a drive to see what was around. Not much but I did end up at a place called Go Ape, which is up in the trees and you have to make it from tree to tree with different obstacles to each tree. Tarzan swings, zip wires, ladders and other challenging ways to get across. £30 to do it. I was a bit well Meh at the time and had a quick look around and went back to the start to say, “I’ll do it”. I was late arriving the last group of the day. I was told how to hook on and to be safe. There was another quick briefing and a reminder on what to do. The I structure then asked the small groups to go first, well I was by myself and so was another lady that was ask to demonstrate. She was first on the zip wire across then myself. Note I still had a bruised hand. I had told hold on to things, gripping them and had to use both hands. I wanted to do it and just got on with it. I liked the second Tarzan swing which us two was told if we was fast enough at getting round we could have a second go on it but the lady took here time at jumping off but still I was happy to do it once. In her defence it was a good drop but I just went for it, no time for thinking, of course I hooked up first before doing so or I would have been flat on the floor if not. We was on the last part one of the longest zip wires in the UK, because it was windy one of the instructors went first to make sure we got across. Going along the zip wire I let go with my hand I knew I was safe with the harness and looked at the view around me, amazing. I landed the zip wire on my bum and back not the best landing. I handed in my harness and got a little certificate to say “I HAVE GONE APE”. This is the second one I’ve done and there’s a few more across the UK.
I got back to the car, changed my jacket and went for a walk down to the 90 foot waterfall, with people still going along the zip wire above me I found the waterfall. I wanted to get closer for a good picture but it ment getting wet and I didn’t fancy that. I took a photo from where I was then back to the car.
I drove back to camp got changed into some decent clothes then walked 1.2 miles down a country road to the pub, I got food in the pub. Starter I had black pudding fritters- spot on!!!!
Then main I got a cheese burger and again spot on!!!! One of the best I’ve had!!

I watched the footy and spoke to a few locals and at the end got a whiskey. I then had to walk home again down the country road but this time it was dark. Half way down I got stopped by a car, a police car to be correct, then asked if I was ok and knew where I was was going? I answered yes and they drove off. Haha.

A week or two

Again I’ve had bad signal or no signal to upload, so I haven’t written anything from when I last posted.

June 8th,
I left Macduff looking for Aberdeen, I set out at about 10.30am. It didn’t take long until I was there and stuck in traffic in the centre, I was trying to find a carpark, there where a number of car parks to choose from but I just kept going with the traffic, if it moved, and then I had found one. I got parked up and walked out but I had no idea where I was or which way I should be heading. I turned left out of the carpark and came to some steps, “I’ll head up them”, got to the top again choosing to turn left, I had found ( I think) what I was looking for, the main road of Aberdeen which I had been on 10 minutes before. The street was crowded, people walking along both sides and the traffic was constant but never seemed to move fast. As I looked more down the street, I noticed that it was aligned with bun-tin, all the way down to the other end, must be a mile long. It reminded me of a world war film, with the union jack everywhere down the street and the old building that were all around.
I was just window shopping, having a good luck around. I went into an outdoor shop and bought myself some proper boots for walking and a gas bottle just incase I run out. I carried on walking till near the end of the street, I crossed over and begun my way back. I stopped off a WHSmiths for a new book but in the end I didn’t get one, didn’t know what to choose. I strolled off this street and onto another looking to see what else was around, not much as I found out. I walked around to the main street again and walked back to where I started, that was it, that’s all I did in Aberdeen, I got back to the car worked my route of where I was going then heading on my way but first to find this pub to get some grub. I found the pub on the outskirts of Aberdeen, I went in and chilled out. I had a mixed grill and a Jammie dodger cheesecake, both went down a treat. At this time it was 4.30 and so I set back out on my journey this time to find a campsite.
I found one 1 hour and a half away in Ballater. I set up camp, had a look around this small village, again not much to see, and then found myself walking into a pub. Football was on and I wanted to watch it as this would be the first time I’ve watched a tv in weeks. I was drinking bitter, only a couple of times I drink bitter and this was one of them. After the footy I had one more pint and whiskey. Again I dont drink whiskey but I fancied a change. I slowly had the whiskey with my pint once both was finished I walked back to camp and fell straight to sleep.

June 9th,
Having spoken to a couple of fine gents at the bar just the night before ( they where drunk and I could only just understand them under there thick Scottish accents), I told them that I would be walking to Loch Muick and to walk a Munro, the advised me on the best routes and if I got up early enough I could do three Munro’s. Well sadly with a slight hangover from the whiskey I found myself just wanting to sleep, but I soon got up. 10.30 I was sorting out water and food, once this was all done I set out to the start of the lake and walk of the Munro’s. I wasn’t all with it and a headache was there but I knew as soon as I got a sweat on I’d be fine. Finally after all packing, putting on new boots and sorting was done I set off. It was now 12.00 and completing all 3 Munro’s was going to be a task. As soon as I left the car and went into the reserve I noticed to my left a herd of dears. Unfortunately my camera was in my bag so only got a picture on my phone. Anyway I pressed on, it was a great walk along the loch, then there was a hill climb, not too hard, I soon found myself at the top. As I walked around the top following the path, it came to a hut with a seat, sandy’s seat, I rested for 5 minutes then chose the route that would lead me to the first Munro. I was a hard climb but different and was pretty much at ease. There wasn’t much of a zig zag path to follow but a bolder field of huge rocks to skip and jump over. I was racing over these and again I was pouring with sweat but had enjoyed this easy Munro. I sat at the top, had my sandwich and a drink and set out for the second, this one is not far away, only 40 minute walk and you can see one Munro from the other. At this time it was 4 o’clock and I thought I might be able to make the third but running low on water and not many people around gave me a feeling. I set out to go for the third but looking at the distance from where I was I knew it was going to be 2 hours before I got there, so that would of been half 6, then to get back to the car park 8-9o’clock. I wasn’t going to do this and finish at that time. I turned around but before doing so spotting wild dear in the valley below, making look so easy running from one side of the valley to the other In about 30 seconds. It was amazing to see it. I set off walking again, over the second Munro then the first (so four Munro’s really haha). I was skipping and jumping again and the found myself running towards the hut. I found it easier and quicker to run on the descent, I kept it up. I got to the hut and started to walk again. The route split again one going left towards the other side of the loch or straight on for the way I came up. Wanting to see the other side of corse I chose left and got to the decline again and found myself running down but at a steady pace. I was soon at the bottom and steadily strode around the banks of the loch slowly but surely to the end. It was a long walk but to finish it off as I got near the car park, was again a herd if dears but more than I saw earlier, there was about a hundred grazing, I took a couple of pictures then went back to the car. 7 o’clock I got back to the car, that’s 7 hours of walking! I drove straight back to camp did some sit ups and press ups, went for a long shower and went to bed.

The first Munro was called broad cairn.
The second cairn bannoch.

June 10th,
I was still getting up early and found myself ins little daze. I packed up and set out on my way to destination unknown. I was near to a loch I wanted to see (about 50-70 miles) so I intended to drive there and find camp. The loch is called loch rannoch. I drove down and first found a little town of Pitlochry and had a little look around. Looking in outdoor shops for new gear and gifts for people but didn’t find much. I also had a little walk to the dam and the fish ladder, to see if I could see and jumping salmon, again nothing. I got back to the car and set off to find a campsite. Also along the way I stopped off at the queens view which was on the way to loch rannoch. I drove on to come to Kinloch rannoch which is a little village, there was a sign for a campsite only 3 miles down the road and it was next to loch rannoch. I soon found it and put up camp. After camp was up I had seen a sign for local forest ways, one been 1 mile the other 2 and a half and the third 5 and a half, of course I chose the 5 and a half mile trek. I walked through thick forest areas, apparently where the last wolves of Scotland sort refuge before been killed and instinct from the UK. I didn’t see any wolves or bears maybe another time or the didn’t like the smell of me. Haha. Well I walked round took some pictures and as I was on the last mile or less I noticed a bird in the tree in front of me, it was a woodpecker, never seen a wild woodpecker never seen one in captivity but there you go. Got a few pictures of that but might be hard to see but I saw one. Then I walked back didn’t see much else. Got to camp made tea, read my book and went to sleep.

Getting exciting!!!!

June 11th,
I wanted to climb another Munro and today was going to be a big one, the tenth biggest Munro, Ben Lawers. I set off about 9.30 to get to the car park, I followed my app to get me to the start of the walk but it doesn’t show you that only the mountain. I went to where I thought the start would be, Lawers been the guess but no. I got good signal at Lawers and 3G, so I looked online and found the start of the route which wasn’t far away in the end just a few more miles down the road. I got there about 10.30, I got ready and went on the walk/climb. The weather wasn’t the best and I knew I wasn’t going to get a good view but still I would make the walk/climb. It was cloudy, raining in places and visibility would decrease at every step I went up. After the first hour of walking, I could only see 10-20 feet in front of me. This wasn’t a problem I still could see where I had to step the only thing I couldn’t see was how far I had to go. I could see at points it looked like it went to a point and thinking it was going to be the peak but going up further I could see it went on further. I finally got there thinking I was the only person doing the walk/climb I wasn’t, at the peak was two people sat there studying a map. They asked which way I came from and I pointed on the map and they had come from the same place but they wanted to walk further over more Munros, I gave my opinion, “that might take two to three hours just to get to the third one” as I thought they’d be going up and down an struggling. Oh I forgot on the journey of getting to the summit of Ben Lawers there is a peak before it but many people dont notice it. I did. Anyway I had my ready made sandwiches and I set my way back down but before I did I set my running app. Then guess what I did? I ran and walked down the Munro’s, it took two hours to get to the summit of Ben Lawers and after my run and walk down it only took an hour. Mad I couldn’t believe I had ran down a mountain but yeah I did. I rewarded myself with a quick pint in a pub close to the car park, then made my way back to camp. And as I made my way back to camp I remembered England was playing, I went back towards camp and knew that there was a hotel there maybe with a bar. In luck there was and it had the footy on. After the footy I got back to camp had tea then found myself in bed and asleep in no time.

After my run down Ben Lawers my t-shirt that I was wearing was drenched in sweat front, back and arms, I mean it was like I jumped in a pool then got out! Just thought I’d let you know, haha.

June 12th,
I had loads of sleep and rest that I was up at 7.30 but didn’t get up till 8, made breakfast and then set out to my next challenge of a Munro. Schiehallion is the Munro, it is at an average height and challenging but a easier one than some of the others but still a challenge. I got there ready for this walk and aching slightly from my run. I set off and soon I was taking over people that where slowly making there way up the Munro. It had a low gradient and I was flying up. I got to the top and the weather today made it worth while. The sky’s had cleared a lot and you could see for miles, mountain after mountain, clouds and blue sky. I had sat down behind some of the high rocks for shelter on the top it was slightly windy and cold when stood still. Once eaten and had a good view of all around I set off back down but today I’m not going to run. I didn’t run down but still at one point I had fallen flat and landed funny on my little finger on my right hand. Well it soon started to swell and bruise, I put in a stream that went past, I knew it needed ice, and that was cold enough! I put my buff in and then wrapped it around my hand and finger then continued to the car. Once I got back to the car I left the buff on and drove back to camp. Once back at camp I dried it off and then looked at it, it was still bruising and still swelling. I then wrapped it up to the next finger with ductape to keep it straight. Well I kept knocking it and it came painful. I have put up with the pain and just got along with the things that I wanted to do. After an hour or two I set off to Rannoch station, it is a dead end road but has a station. There are many walks from here and one that I wish to do but it will take a few days to walk, on this walk I would like a few friends to come along with me. The area I wish to walk to is one of the most remote places still in Europe.
Anyway I drove back and along the way took photos, stopping off at everyplace to take that photo. Once back at camp I made tea and got to bed.

June 13th,
Still with the finger wrapped up I drove to pitlochry to get petrol and travel on to my next destination. This destination soon turned out to be at my cousins, they lived 62 miles away from Pitlochry. I texted them to let them know that I would be on my way if they are able to see me. I made sure I got a text back before I set off to there house (1. Because I didn’t no where they lived 2.that I was welcome). I was welcome and also was told the address. I got there at 12.30, and my stomach was in nots, I was nervous but excited. I was welcomed into the house with a hug. And later on was asked if I was staying for the night or a couple. I said I’d stay the night, for a catch up. We chatted and of course I showed my photos maybe boring them to death. We then watched the Netherlands game and a soap and went to bed, my bed was the sofa, one said I should of brought in my camping bed and used that in the middle if the room, for some reason the sofa sounded fine to me and for a change. I was glad to see my cousins after years of not seeing them, I think more meet ups will happen in the future.

June 14th,
I had awoken to a cup of tea at my feet and then following a bacon sandwich! I wasn’t expecting this and I was great full for this. I was allowed a shower, then packed my things back into the car. One cousin was on his way to work at this point and came over to shake hands to hopefully seen me again soon. I sat with them for another hour and had a brew then said I’ll be on my way, but where I was going was the next choice, I didn’t have a clue. I chose to drive back towards loch Lomond but to a different campsite from before and see what else there was to see.
I drove through Sterling and other places. I then stopped by a loch that was a 30-40 miles away from my destination and made lunch and had a chill out for an hour and a half. I chose a route round to the new campsite and once ready set off, this soon came to an end as the road was closed so I had to go to an alternative route. In the end I was there in no time and had a look at the near by town. This only took five minutes so I set off again driving to see another view of loch Lomond before going to the campsite to set up. Again the weather was good and as I passed the lochs and mountains that surrounded them I could see that this short drive was worth it. I got to the end of this round took a few snaps, had a walk around and again was on my way but this time to set up camp. On the way back I was furiously trying to get 5 live radio station so I could listen to the football but it wasn’t having none of it until I made it back to camp. So I’ve made my tea and been listening to the football and also having a beer. I’ve been a little agitated today and I think im coming to the end of my trip and I’m nearly ready for home, as I’m slowly decreasing the places to go, but still there is loads to see and that will be a different time. For now the footy has finished and I’m off to read my book and finish my beer.

Finally I have caught up with my blog but will it upload!!!!!!

Speak soon, thanks for reading!